Feltracco Fratelli

Technical support


Feltracco Fratelli is an organized company, with specialized technical personnel, to provide the Works and Management or the Customer with complete and qualified Technical Assistance, both in the pre-intervention and post-intervention phases.   

The floor is one of the most stressed parts of a building and therefore subject to various static movements, especially if it is in a historic palace. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the dimensions of the attic floor and its permissible load, considering any bending that there may be.   

Moreover, it is crucial to know what type of systems will be installed (electrical system or radiant floor hydraulic system), and to choose the suitable certified system to apply together with the Works Management or the Client if it is not present, in order to carry out the final layer of the floor with due guarantees, without precluding the desired aesthetic and chromatic effect, especially in the conservative restoration field and ex-Novo floorings creation.   

Feltracco Fratelli also offers valid consultancy to meet customer needs, thanks to twenty years of experience in the floorings field. We carry out site inspections to find out the particularities of the environment where we will operate and find the best solution together with the Works Management or the Client. We illustrate the various possibilities of creating floors starting from the historical conservative restoration to the ex-Nove construction: Venetian beaten earthen floor, pastellone-style floor, mosaic reproduction, and continuous flooring in magnesite without joints.  

 We design and create samples, in order to give the possibility to touch the quality of the “Made in Italy” and the craftsmanship of our products. We accompany national and international technicians to visit our Art Gallery  in a Monumental Villa of the 17th century.