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Floor’s smoothing METAMORPHOSIS

“Metamorphosis” is an experimental project born from the idea of two young architecture and design studios: Diele Kerciku Architetture, based in Rome and Milano, and Spread Out Studio, located in Miilano. The team focused not on the design of a specific shape or function but of a material, grit writ natural inerts, which offers infinite possibilities of finish and shape. 

Oce shaped by sensitive and expert hands and minds, grit, starting out as fluid, becomes hard and resistant like stone and, like stone, gives each object a feeling of elengance and durability. 

The spectrum of finishing possibilities is also almost infinite since the viariables to work with are infinite: the color of the mix, the types of marble, the grain size, and the quantities for each type are just a few examples.for “Metamorphosis” it was decided to use a single base of light gray mixture and, by dividing the element into 5 diagonal bands, the aesthetic effect of small variations in granulometry and dosage of the aggregates was tasted (Carrara, Bardiglio, red Sienna). 

The final effect shows how small variations can lead to big changes in the perception of the finish. 

Another design goal was the creation of an object that cannot be classified by function. “Metamorphosis” can in fact be a reception desk of a prestigious hotel, or an element for relaxating and informal meetings of a company, or street forniture in a square, etc.: the shape that recalls the infinity symbol is therefore the physical reference to the infinite possibilities of use of the basic material and, with its specific three-dimensional conformation and the multiple possible funcitons that the object can acquire.

Diele Kerciku Architetture

  • Studio:  Diele Kerciku Architetture (DKA) 
  • Founders:  Architet Vincenzo Diele – Architet and Engineer Eljor Kerciku
  • Headquarters:  Roma
  • Secondary offices:  Milano, Tirana
  • Website:  Dielekerciku
  • Buisness profile:  DieleKerciku   (also available for download)

A brief curriculum

Diele Kerciku Architetture (DKA) is a Studio founded in 2018 by Vincenzo Diele and Eijor Kerciku, both with previous national and international work experiences in the field of design, architecture and engineering. Studio brings together a team of experts with different professional experiences: space planning, design concept, feasibility studies, construction management and cost analysis, architectural and interior deisgn, art management and construction management. Studio operates with a network of professionals and this allows it to follow complex projects throughout the country. 

In 2018 DKA became a consultant to McKinsey & Company Italy for the coordination of the design and construction of the offices in Rome (Piazza del Popolo) and Milan (Piazza del Duomo), both completed in 2020. In 2020-2021 DKA develops other important work projects, such as the Rome headquarters of Banca Credito Cooperativo – Federcasse, the headquarters of the public body “National Council of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts” in Piazza della Repubblica in Rome, and the headquarters of World Food Program (Nobel Peace Price 2020) in Tete (Mozambique). 

Finally, DKA is also involved in various hospitality and food&beverage projects: for example, Studio is now planning the renovation of an ancient town centre of Puglia which will become a new luxury hotel with SPA and restaurant run by a three star chef Michelin. In 2019-2020 DKA has also developed numerous projects of luxury suites and boutique hotels in the center of Rome. In the residential field, DKA is designing the prototypes of wooden villas that mix Mediterranean feelings with contemporary design and sustainable startegy (Casa Clima Gold certification).