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Feltracco Fratelli company is renowned and known for the construction and restoration of Venetian terraces and Venetian pastellone, in particular in cotto and lime, for the creation of mosaics with the historical reproduction of the same and, for the laying of floors with any type of marble and stones of our working. We operate in Italian and European Villas and Historical-Cultural-Monumental and Sacral Palaces.

Furthermore, we realize customizable items on demand such as tables, chairs, and kitchen tops for interior design.   
We use natural products and work with the most varied and prestigious natural earth present in the world.

Feltracco Fratelli works with products dating back to the Renaissance and with cutting-edge systems, such as our exclusive completely dry polishing technique with immediate suction of floor dust.    

Our mission is to safeguard historical floors, enhancing new floorings and using the same ancient materials of the past, completely natural, biocompatible, and extremely recyclable materials.    

Our values are the use of natural materials and the non-use harmful products, therefore respectful of man and the environment. 


  • Conservative restoration and ex novo construction of floorings of a 18th century Monumental Villa in San Zenone degli Ezzelini (Treviso), with the presence of the Superintendence of Venice;
  • Conservative restoration of cocciopesto flooring in a private palace in Bassano del Grappa historical center (Vicenza);
  • Supply and installation of a historic floor and conservative restoration of the same in an ancient residence in the historic center of Sandrigo (Vicenza);
  • New “Carlo Scarpa” style flooring in a Liberty-style palace in Verona;
  • Reproduction of historic flooring in an antique shop in the Cannaregio district of Venice;
  • New cocciopesto flooring in the Villa della Torre dating back to 1500, in Fumane (Verona);
  • Conservative restoration and ex novo construction of floors in a Private Historic-Cultural buildings dating back to 1400, in the historic center of Cremona;
  • New cocciopesto flooring at Palazzo Gulinelli, in Ferrara;
  • Supply and installation of our cotto and lime floors with pastellone in a private Villa in Bolzano;
  • Creation of a new floor based on lime and natural earth Ombra Cipro in the Louis Vitton Boutique in Trieste;
  • Faithful reproduction of an ancient mosaic from Pompeii made in a private Villa in Scicli (Sicily);
  • New cocciopesto flooring inside the shrine of S.Antonio Abate in San’Apollinare, Asolo (Treviso);
  • Conservative restoration and remaking of the historic cocciopesto floors in a late 1300s Historic-Cultural Palace located in the historic center of Vicenza, adjacent to the Cathedral. The property is subject to restrictions by the Superintendacy of Verona;
  • Creation of a new Venetian terrazzo floor in cocciopesto in the Management Building of the former sugar factory, Baroque architecture dating back to the 18th century, and to be used as a Civic Museum, located in Fiume, Croatia;
    Restoration of a floor (Carlo Scarpa style) in a private Villa in Riese PioX (Treviso);
  • New flooring with Nero Antico marble inserts Nero Antico di Sparta in a private Villa located in Udine;
  • Construction of a new beaten earth floors based on  pozzolana in the new Cantina “Giusti Wine”, open to the public, located in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso);
  • Creation of Venetian terrazzo floors in a historic building and reconstruction of the outdoor terrace floor with breathtaking views of the Grand Canal, near the Rialto Bridge, in Venice. The property is subject to restrictions by the Superintendence of Venice;
  • New yellow cocciopesto flooring in a private house located in Silandro (Bolzano), property of Arch. Ruth Pinger;
  • Creation of the Venetian floor in the fresco hall at Ca’Apollonio Heritage located in Romano d’ezzelini (Vicenza), designer Arch. Massimo Vallotto;
  • Manufacture of floors and coverings in pastellone in Segno, fraction of Predaia (Trento);
  • Marble grit flooring execution in a building unit located in Busto Arsizio (Varese);
    Extraordinary maintenance of the floors at the headquarters of a multinational company in a historic building located in Piazza del Duomo, Milan;
  • Supply and installation of cocciopesto flooring in the refectories of a religious institute located in Martinengo (Bergamo);
  • Finishing and treatment of cocciopesto floors in a private house located in Tesero (Trento);
  • Creation of a Venetian terrace-style floor in a building located in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza);
  • Creation of a cocciopesto floor in a building located in the historic centre of Brescia.